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Math 108
Business Calculus - B02 and B04

Professor: Anton Lukyanenko, alukyane@gmu.edu
Office Hours: TBA

Course Description

The course provides a basic and firm understanding of elementary calculus, with a view towards applications in business as well as other discipline. This course is offered as an online Asynchronous course, taught using Blackboard, with 3 proctored exams (two term exams and one final exam).

While the course is taught asynchronously, students will have the option to take part in scheduled online group meetings, during which we will watch the pre-recorded lectures (with space for questions), work on homework problems, and discuss anything that comes up (this will include the option to move to smaller groups or 1-on-1 discussions). Students who are unable to take part in the regularly-scheduled group meetings are welcome to email me, as well.

A syllabus and detailed information on the course will be posted closer to the start date. The course will generally align with other sections of Math108.