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The workshop will take place June 23-29 at Point Lookout Resort and Conference Center in Northport, Maine.


Transportation between Northport and Bangor Airport will be provided on Sunday, June 23, and Sunday, June 30. Please email your itinerary to the organizers as soon as it becomes available.


Six two-bedroom cabins have been reserved for the duratin of the workshop (7 nights starting June 23rd). Standard amenities, wifi, and access to Point Lookout facilities including the fitness center are included. Please see the Point Lookout FAQ for details.

Multimedia Equipment

A whiteboard will be available for lectures, but no video projector will be available. Please plan on a whiteboard talk.


Full funding for the workshop is provided by the GEAR network. Invited participants will be reimbursed for travel (see your email). Please email your receipts to the organizers prior to the workshop or bring printed copies with you.